Heron Island: A two day itinerary

If you are wondering where on earth is this paradise… One can find it on the Heron reef which is visible even from outer space (how cool is that?!), in the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, 80 km northeast of Gladstone.
You could spend days in this- less than 500 Mtrs- island (that can be walked around in 20 mins) and yet return home longing for more. I think it is ideal to spend at least 2 whole days here if you want to experience all that this natural World Heritage- listed Marine National Park has to offer.

Gladstone Harbour Tour: The Coffee Cruise

What Cook failed to notice in 1770, Matthew Flinders did in 1802, kickstarting what then went on to become marked events of history. Despite having been welcomed by hurling stones and rocks from the local Goengs, Flinders explored Port Curtis for 12 whole days. The intention to establish North Australia as a prisoners’ colony only lasted a short while, where Port Curtis served as the capital. Port Curtis is now called the Gladstone Harbour where I was about to spend a good 3 hours touring Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port.