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I’m an Indian-origin psychiatrist and a certified digital marketer, currently based in Australia, who’s compelled by passion to be a traveller. I love my profession just as much and make time to plan my travel around it. There’s something about experiencing new places, people, culture and food that doesn’t fail to mesmerize me each time.

Apart from being a stress buster, travelling also helps me get a glimpse of different cultures, ways of living, behaviours and beliefs. While I’m out there, I try my best to devour every moment to experience it in the here and now. I also enjoy photography which lets me take back memories. I fancy offbeat destinations more than the popular and crowded ones.

Whether you are single, married, a parent, a senior, a professional, employed full-time or a a freelancer, there’s always something positive you can gain out of travelling. Travelling let’s us delve into diverse environments and opens us up to new experiences, positively altering our outlook towards life. Travelling tends to draw our attention to the present experience letting us distract ourselves from the daily grind. Travel keeps you constantly engaged and active, both physically and mentally. Not to mention, the thought of a holiday itself brings a smile across our face.

Here, I’ve penned down stories of my travel and adventures as I have experienced them, hoping they would inspire you to get going. You can also find both popular and off beat travel destinations, things to do, photographs and travel tips.

Remember to be a mindful and a responsible traveller!

Carpe Diem!

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