Singapore Travel Itinerary

The Singapore merlion is the country’s symbol, the origin of which dates back to its past when a Malay prince saw a lion when he first stepped foot on a new undiscovered land. The merlion has a lion head signifying bravery and strength and “mer” refers to the sea tracing back its past as a modest fishing village.

Exploring Northwest Tasmania: Tarkine Drive

The Tasmanians address the Tarkine region as their backyard and it’s an ideal place to get up close with nature and wilderness. The Tarkine drive, located on the northwest of Tasmania,is accessible from either Smithton (38Kms) or Stanley (60Kms)..

A Spooky Night In Port Arthur

We met a tall man with a pale face in a black cloak, holding a lantern in his hand who, to add to the eeriness, happened to be our tour guide for the night. We walked around the convict site listening to our guide narrate spooky stories not only about the haunted tales of many of these buildings but also some of the true experiences that visitors have had in these tours…

Humpback whales

It might be over-enthusiasm speaking when I say, that the best way to admire the wild is amidst the wilderness. I say so from having had the opportunity to discern these free-spirited whales, mirthfully criss crossing their territory. There’s something ever so magnetising to watch feral creatures endowed with all the brawn and vigor without an inkling of baneful intent.

A Culture Trip to Mangaluru

Mangaluru, despite being a part of Karnataka, feels like a distinct place in itself thanks to the multiple cultures prevalent here. The cuisine, language, architecture, customs, and traditions are so markedly different from the surrounding regions, a visit to South Canara (now divided into Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasargod districts) is imperative to catch the drift.

Heron Island: A two day itinerary

If you are wondering where on earth is this paradise… One can find it on the Heron reef which is visible even from outer space (how cool is that?!), in the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, 80 km northeast of Gladstone.
You could spend days in this- less than 500 Mtrs- island (that can be walked around in 20 mins) and yet return home longing for more. I think it is ideal to spend at least 2 whole days here if you want to experience all that this natural World Heritage- listed Marine National Park has to offer.

The Spiti Archives: Pin Valley, The Untouched Beauty

We took much more than two hours, unable to stop ourselves from ogling at the splendor that unraveled itself as we went ahead. Who knew our own country had such unscathed beauty that was kept from human tyranny in the most natural ways?